Fire Performer

    Flow Artist










  • Fire Manipulation Specialist

    -Fire eating

    -Fire breathing

    -Fire prop manipulation and special effects


    Expert Flow Artist

    -Multidisciplinary object manipulator and juggler
    -Twirling baton (1-4)

    -Contact Staff

    -Chain Staff






    -Flower Stick

    -Contact Juggling

    Other skills

    -Complete musical formation

    -Guitar, vocal and percussion

    -Rhythm and musicality

    -Musical composition and writing










    Chapo, Busker Fest [ONLINE] | Montreal, 2020


    Huis Ten Bosch Attraction park | Nagasaki, Sasebo, JAPAN December 24th 2019 to March 3rd 2020


    Frisson Festival | Mascouche, 2019


    Space Carnival | Imperial Bell, Quebec 2019 / Club Soda, Montreal 2019


    Valhalla Sound Circus | Kazabazua 2019


    Branle-Bas d'Hochelaga | Montreal 2019


    Bicolline Medieval Festival | Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc 2017-2019


    Chapo, Busker Fest | Mascouche 2019


    Détour, Circus festival | Saint-Marcelin 2019


    Parade de la Saint-Jean Baptiste | Montréal 2019


    Astral Harvest Festival | Alberta, Ca 2019

    Montréal en Lumière! | Montréal 2019


    Le Cabaret Ardant | Usine-C, Montréal 2018


    Festival International de Jazz de Montréal | Montreal 2017


    Les Maîtres du Feu | ToHu Montréal 2017


    Fête de l'Halloween La Prairie | La Prairie 2017


    Eclipse Festival | Sainte-Thérèse de la Marguerite 2016-2018





    Teaching Experience


    FlowVID-19 [ONLINE] | 2020

    Bicolline Medieval Festival | Quebec 2019

    Astral Harvest Festival | Alberta, 2019

    TriFlow Fest | Quebec 2017

    CriQus | Montreal 2017-2019

    Fire Arts Academy | Montreal 2018

    Momentum Collective | Nicaragua-Guatemala 2018







    2017 PurFX | Montréal, Qc Formation en Pyrotechnie des effets spéciaux: Effets spéciaux
    2017-2020 Garde-Feu | Montréal, Qc Sécurité et prévention : Artiste de feu: Sécurité
    2016-2017 Estreya | La Prairie, Qc Formation en Cirque et Danse
    2005-2011 École privée | Chambly, Qc Formation Guitare: Musique

    2006-2011 Ozias-Leduc | Saint-Hilaire, Qc. CA Musique, DES











  • Biographie


    I was born in Chambly, a small suburban town outside of Montreal. I had a fairly ordinary childhood: separated parents, not wealthy, but never in need. At a young age, I was already passionate. As far back as I can remember, I have always been deeply involved in the disciplines I have practiced.


    I first fell in love with skateboarding. From the age of 8, I spent about 8 hours a day at the skate park with my friends. This sport has really taught me important virtues. I quickly understood that hard work leads to success and that failure is a big part of it. I fell hundreds of times, hurt myself, had broken bones, but I always got up.


    A few years later, I started being interested in music, more specifically Metal music. At the age of 9, I went to see my first concert, a European power metal band called Stratovarius. This experience changed my life and from that moment I wanted to play music.

    My mother bought me a small electric guitar and got me into private lessons and since that day, music has always been part of my life and will always be a great inspiration for me.

    Music has taught me another very important virtue: Practice. I learned that the attention to detail, the precision, and the efficiency of repeating the same thing thousands of times was the key to perfection.

    After my first year of guitar, I was able to participate in the school's annual show. This day was the trigger, my first presence on a stage. I was shy, embarrassed, and had trouble playing my songs, but the feeling of empowerment that I felt in front of all these people was what got me hooked. I have to be on a stage.

    At the age of 12, I started high school in music specialization. I got accepted as a percussionist. It really helped me with the rhythm and the tightness in music, but the most important point was that we did several concerts and shows per year, including the Festival des harmonies du Québec, Secondaire en spectacle and many others, which gave me a lot of stage experience. I spent my five years of high school in music and I loved it.


    After high school, I was a bit lost. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life and so I started to think about my future. I first decided to study physics, a field with which I was fascinated. I went to CÉGEP (school between high school and university in Quebec) to complete my prerequisite courses, as well as my basic classes. I was motivated! I wanted to learn more about light, particles and quantum physics, but I quickly realized that this type of lifestyle was not for me. I knew that spending my life in a laboratory doing research on a computer was not what would make me happy. So I made the decision to stop my studies.


    Meanwhile, a little desperate, I had to find an activity to devote myself to, a new discipline. So I developed an interest in martial arts. The way these artists combined body and mind was so inspiring to me. So I bought myself a stick and I immediately started playing with it. This was my first contact with Flow Arts. My sister and her partner decided to follow the movement and started, with me, to do Flow Art. She started with Poi, and he started with Rope Dart. Little by little, after many hours of practice with my stick, I realized that this new occupation was slowly taking over my mind, and I started getting more involved in the field. I finally made a contact that will change my life: I discovered the Fire Community of Montreal


    And this is where it all began.




    Age : 26

    Hair style : Dark Brown (Dreadlocks)

    Eyes : Green/Brown

    Height : 180cm (6ft)

    Weight : 82kg (180lbs)

    Origin : Caucasian

  • Associations

    During this adventure, I teamed up with several other artists from different fields. These people stood out for their talent, their ambition, as well as their persistence. We all share this passion for creating and offering what makes us vibrate, and this is why I am presenting them here.


    Here are five artists from Montreal reunited under the same name to offer unique shows combining Fire and Lights!


    Circus crew specialized in Fire prop Manipulation and FlowArts


    Pyrolumina stands out with top tier equipment and costumes.




    ''Les Marchands de Feu''

    Promo Code : GOLEM5


    Les Marchands de Feu (LMF props) is a small Canadian business born in 2016. We create practice & fire accessories for flow artists, jugglers and performers. As multidisciplinary flow artists ourselves, we build our props based on years of experience and are constantly researching for new innovations to improve the spinner’s experience. All our products are first produced as prototypes and tested thoroughly by the local flow arts community for improvements before being released as final products. LMF props are all tested for their safety, solidity and high performance.




    Eden creates spaces for personal fulfillment through artistic, playful and collective expression


    Discover the iridescent universe of their interactive shows, multidisciplinary evenings or through their ''à la carte'' services


    Whether by contributing to your event or through our own productions, the participative human experience is at the heart of our priorities.






    Flamewater Circus performers are the best in the business. We have entertained thousands of audiences around the world for more than 10 years with our magic and professionalism.


    Here you will find everything you need to know for having our incredible cast of performers come to your event. Whether a wedding, corporate event, festival, birthday or special occasion, we have you covered!

    Our performers each have their own special act, be it our mesmerizing fire dancers, circus performers, stilt walkers or magicians. Whatever you need to add a bit of magic to your event – we can help you with it!




    Circus themed metal band from Montreal representing the mind of a schizophrenic boy called Alexander.


    Intense and immersive shows with musics, visual arts, actors, circus and fire!





    For all bookings and inquiries, please send me a message here.

    I am looking forward to create and collaborate

    Montreal, Qc, CA